A hare was continually poking fun at a tortoise because of the slowness of his pace.  The tortoise tried not to be annoyed by the jeers of the hare, but one day in the presence of the other animals he was goaded into challenging the hare to a foot race.

“Why, this is a joke,” said the hare.  You know that I can run circles around you.”  “Enough of your boasting,” said the tortoise.  “Let’s get on with the race.”

The fox was made the supervisor, and the lion the judge. There was a starting point and a point marking the end, fixed by the fox.  Both the competitors started their race at the same time. The hare ran faster. He was naturally much ahead of the tortoise.

Now on his way the hare wanted to take a little rest under a tree, because he was sure of his win. And he soon felt asleep.

On the other hand, the tortoise moved slowly but steadily without any rest. He reached the destination before the hare arrived. When the hare awoke with a start, it was too late to save the race.  Much ashamed, he crept away while all the animals at the finish line acclaimed the winner.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.