K-12 Academic coaching and tutoring

Great tutors are more than tutors. 

They are coaches who bring out the true potential of a student.

Marian Hobbs and her colleagues are at your service to assist students and their concerned parents.


Featuring individual tutoring; One-on-One Instruction with a focus on student
success with learning.

Does your student need help writing papers, understanding math concepts, or developing study, test-taking, and time-management skills. 

You have found the right tutors.

Some clues that your daughter or son needs tutoring:

Math is a dreaded topic.  

Your daughter or son is not eager to resume school.

Frustration with a subject or schoolwork that is consistently avoided.

Your child seems to be trying, but the grades don’t show it.

Homework is incomplete or not done well.

Your child shows an increasing lack of confidence and motivation about school.

Increasing anxiety about tests.

The teachers says he or she is misbehaving.

You are overwhelmed, and no longer able to interact with a positive outcome.

Home assignments are consuming too much family time.

Servicing families in Longmont, Niwot, Hygiene, Boulder, Erie, Mead, Berthoud and the Front Range of Colorado

Fiona the emotional support dog loves to help students read.

Fiona the emotional support dog loves to help students read.