“When we first went to Learning Unlimited in February of 2016 our high school son was struggling in school with some very low grades.  Marian and Sam were able to step in and provide excellent support  with both short and long term goals.  They helped him improve failing grades before finals and the end of the school year. They also worked with him on longer term goals to be a more independent student who no longer has missing or late assignments.   Our son had a very positive experience!” – Amy, mother

“I have been bringing my daughter to Mrs. Hobbs for a few months now. I have seen the most amazing results in just a short time. She started off testing about a year and a half behind at school, her confidence level was completely low and very depressed. I have seen such huge transformations in her in such a short time. She is always smiling now, her confidence levels are on the rise and she is feeling more a part of class with the great strides she has made.”

“I would highly recommend anyone that has a child struggling in school to contact Learning Unlimited, you will not be sorry.” – Beverly, mother

“Mrs. Hobbs has a style that creates enthusiasm for what you are learning.”
Wyatt, 9th grader

“She is a good teacher.  She will help you with your spelling and anything else.  I have made a lot of progress with her.”
Kolton, 2nd grader

“When I started with Mrs. Hobbs I wasn’t doing my work because I didn’t get it.  Now I both understand it and do it.”
Taylor, 7th grader

“You helped me with my handwriting.  It got my writing from a D to an A.  It helped me in school a lot.”
Peyton, 4th grader

“Marian is referred to around our house, as Super Tutor.”
Laura, parent

“It has been WONDERFUL working with you.  You are a fantastic teacher.
Mrs. Johnson, 3rd grade teacher

“You have been most helpful with lessons and resources over the years.  I hope you know how much I appreciate what you do”
Mrs. Mitchell, 4th grade teacher

“I think Mrs. Hobbs helped me a lot.  She helped me in math.  She helped me in reading too.”
Tyler, 5th grader

“Mrs. Hobbs is caring, supportive and creative in her teaching.  By being perceptive of my child’s learning needs, she then approaches teaching in a way that facilitates both learning and self-confidence.  Thank you very much.”
Dr. Nancy Car

“We came to Marian Hobbs with our son who had been asked to leave three elementary schools. He was deemed a distraction to other kids and he couldn’t turn the corner academically his confidence was broken and he felt as though he could do nothing right. Mrs. Hobbs worked with him once a week for several months and, now, he is excelling in school both socially and academically. He loves school and he receives achievement awards in a weekly basis. Mrs. Hobbs is nothing less than a miracle worker. She is the best thing that happened to our son and we are forever in her debt.”
Todd, Dad


5 stars(5 stars)


“Marian and Margarete are personally invested in each of their students. They genuinely care about your child improving and enjoying their learning experience. Both of my sons have made huge academic improvements under their guidance.”


Rusanna Wright of Longmont, CO on April 05, 2011


5 stars(5 stars)


“My 12 year old son and 8 year old daughter actually LIKE coming to see Ms. Hobbs. Both children struggled in school but now they are on the Honor Roll and feel confident about school and good about themselves because of their success. I find that having her help with homework and keeping them on track is helpful for my relationship with my kids and my sanity. I highly recommend Learning Unlimited.”


Lisa Ray of Longmont, CO on April 10, 2011

Comments from Best-of Longmont Marian is great with teenagers and younger students as well to help get them on the right track.

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