Tutoring Specialists

Knowledgeable and experienced instructors use positive reinforcement and consistent methods designed for student success. These tools utilize the student’s intelligence and foster a relationship of trust and respect between the instructor and student.
Marian Hobbs, Director
email: marian@learningunlimitedco.com Marian Hobbs, B.A., M.S.Marian Hobbs is a study skills and reluctant learner specialist.  She is the director of Learning Unlimited Tutoring, where instruction is designed for student success and achievement; leading to confident learners.  Marian offers private instructional sessions for all types of issues.  She is a positive reinforcement instructor, who believes in creating environments that lead to success.  She also is an advocate of academic enrichment, to empower all students to reach their true potentials.



sam sSam Stott brings over sixteen years of experience as an educator to Learning

Unlimited Tutoring.  He has a B.S. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale University.


His work in education has spanned a broad array of disciplines.  He has worked with middle and high school students, both across the curriculum and specifically as a department head in Math and Science.  Sam brings a warm and positive attitude toward learning, which allows students to feel comfortable and engaged with the material.